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Crystal Healing in Hertfordshire

Welcoming you to the Magical world of Crystals. Working alongside these precious gifts from the Earth. Learning how to cleanse, program and care for your Crystals, their properties and offering Crystal Healing to others.

Our Crystal Healing Courses and Workshops

Melanie meditating with crystals

Art of Crystal Healing Practitioners Course (10:30am to 4:30pm)

Price – £190

1:1 training – £245

This 1 day course includes a manual and Chakra Crystals. Learning to use crystals for healing and balance both for yourself and others. Chakra crystal placements, aura scanning, dowsing for blockages, placing grids and stars on and around the body, specific layouts for different purposes, grounding and protection, exploring Auras and Chakras, plus a full practical. This course offers a certificate of Competency should you wish to practice Crystal Healing as a therapy.


  • 28th October 2023
  • 15th June 2024
  • 26th October 2024

The Art of Crystal Healing Teachers Course (11:30am to 5:30pm)

Price – £190

1:1 training – £245


  • 7th July 2023
    ​24th May 2024

An Introduction to Crystals Workshop (7:30pm to 9:30pm)

Price – £35

Here is what we will be exploring on your workshop:
  • The science behind Crystals, their unique structure and clever vibration (It isn’t all unicorns and rainbows).
  • Which ones to choose and why – feeling Crystal energy.
  • The reason why you are attracted to certain crystals more than others.
  • The most popular Crystals and their special properties.
  • Which Crystals are key for the energy of this year!!
  • How to care for your Crystals.
  • How to charge your Crystals.
  • How to place you intention into the Crystals.
  • The amazing practice of Pendulum Dowsing to gain answers and clarity.
  • Healing the body and the emotions with Crystal energy.
  • Working with Crystals in Meditation.
  • Manual and Tumblestones included.


  • ​13th September 2023
  • 19th June 2024
  • 28th August 2024

High Vibe Crystal Workshop (7:30pm to 9:30pm)

Price – £35

For those who have an interest in Crystals and wish to explore them further. The science behind Crystals, different forms and shapes and where to place them around the home. Aura scanning, crystal placements around the body for specific ailments, high vibrational crystals and a chance to make a crystal or gem elixir. Including a manual and crystals to take home.


  • 31st January 2024
Crystal Healing Courses and Workshops

Crystal Grids Workshop (7:30pm to 9:30pm)

Price – £35

Creating crystal grids to manifest your goals, visions and dreams. A practical workshop working with specific templates and crystals to form beautiful crystal grids. We will look at the power of intention, creating a space for your grid, templates and geometric shapes, which crystals to work with for which purpose such as – protection, abundance, success, romance, creativity, health, fertility, new business etc.


  • 20th July 2023
  • 31st July 2024

Children’s Crystal Workshop (6 to 14 yr olds)

Price – £25

Date 22nd February 2024 10:30am to 12:30pm

The Children will learn about:

  • How crystals are formed
  • The most popular Crystals and their properties
  • Feeling Crystal energy
  • Their Favourite crystals and how to work with these
  • Caring for, and Programming your Crystals
  • Fun Pendulum experiments
  • Making Magical Crystal Elixirs
  • A little arts and crafts to create a mini Crystal Grid
  • A Beautiful Crystal Meditation to finish

I am DBS certified as are any other grown ups who help on the day.

Crystal Immersion Day Retreat

8th February 2025, 10:30am to 4pm, £75

Immerse yourself in a day filled to the brim with magical Crystal energy.

  • Cleansing and Programming
  • Crystals and your energy field
  • Powerful Crystal vibrations
  • Dowsing, and dowsing grids
  • Rose quartz circles and wheeling with Crystals
  • Aura scanning
  • The different Crystal Formations
  • Placements in the home
  • Crystal Elixirs
  • Creating Crystal Grids
  • Crystal placements on and around the body
  • Crystal Meditations
  • Crystal bowl sound healing
  • Includes Crystals and a manual

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