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For Children

Our workshops and retreats for children are welcoming, safe, and friendly with an opportunity to learn new things.

Our Workshops & Courses for Children

Well-being Summer Camps for Children 11am to 3pm

​Price – £50

Working closely with the fantastic organisation Therapeutic Hooves.

Held out on the meadow at Marden Hill SG14 the ‘day camps’ include mindfulness exploring, many different crystal activities, moving meditations, arts and crafts, crystal treasure hunts and time spent bonding with the beautiful horses.

These camps have been designed my Danielle and myself to be everything we would have wished for in a day camp as a child. Not a car, road or building in sight, just a safe space to play, explore, run around and engage in fun activities.

Date: 25th July 2024

Children meditation workshop

Crystal Workshop for Children (10:30am to 12:30pm – School Holidays)

Price – £25 including all they create

22nd February 2024

Learning a little about where the crystals come from and how they work, the most popular crystals and their properties, feeling crystal energy, your favourite crystals, how to care for and programme your crystal, pendulum dowsing experiments, making magical crystal elixirs/drinks and a little crystal meditation to finish.

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