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Healing Treatments

Please email me to book a 1:1 healing treatment.

Our Healing Treatments

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A beautiful, natural and non invasive healing treatment to aid balance and healing on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level. Reducing stress and anxiety and adding an extra spring to your step!

Adult – £48, 50 minutes plus a 10 minute energy reading

Child (Age 16 and under)- £40, 40 minutes

Distance Healing via zoom, facetime or phone call – £45 

Reiki and Reiki Drum Healing

Drumming is a sacred and powerful healing tool, enabling our brains to settle into the healthy and healing alpha state. Using the vibration of the drum combined with the power of Reiki healing.

Treatment time – 1hr plus a 10 minute energy reading.

Adult – £55

Meditation Session and Reiki

Treatment time: 1 hour Meditation followed by 1 hour Reiki  or 30 minutes Meditation followed by 30 minutes Reiki.

Price – £78/£48

Reiki Combined with the Grace Symbol Sitting

The Grace practice has been handed down to us, helping to remove old patterns/behaviours and repetitive obstacles.

Treatment time 1hr



Individual 1:1 Meditation Session, 1 hour, price £48 (£60 for 2 people) available in person or via zoom

Crystal Healing Therapy

A cleansing of the aura using a master crystal and the laying of crystals and crystal grids on and around the body. The healing crystals emit tiny vibrations to induce a deep relaxation and a gentle release of stress, emotional troubles, aches and pains. This treatment includes a meditation and chakra colour therapy.

Treatment time – 50 minutes plus a 10 minute energy reading

Adult – £48

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Complete Chakra Healing

A powerful combination of holistic healing therapies to realign, balance and unblock our important energy centres, creating a healthy flow of energy in and around the body.

Working with a full Reiki Treatment, Crystal Healing, Sound therapy, The Reiki Drum, and Energy Clearing. 

Treatment time 1hr plus a 10 minute energy reading.

Adult – £58

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