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Meditation in Hertfordshire

Meditation is key to our well being and peace of mind. I offer tips and tools in each class to ensure your meditation is easy, accessible, interesting and enjoyable.
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Meditation Classes in Hertfordshire

Each time we meditate we learn something new about ourselves. We can connect to an infinite source of guidance, love and compassion.

With a deep understanding of meditation techniques and a nurturing teaching style, I create a serene and welcoming space for individuals to explore the benefits of meditation.

My classes are a holistic experience that integrates varied and accessible meditation approaches; Loving/kindness, Chakra Healing, Compassionate Mindfulness, Guided Visualizations, Mantra and Drum Journeys.

An invitation to connect to your inner world, and be guided in a space of nourishment and presence.

Encouraging a felt sense of peace, contentment, serenity, wisdom and insight.

Whether you are seeking stress reduction, improved focus, or simply a pause from life’s hustle, my meditation classes provide a sanctuary for personal growth and well-being. 

The following meditation classes are available:

  • Fortnightly meditation classes for the last 11 years.
  • Meditation classes to pupils in different primary schools. 
  • I facilitate training days for those wishing to share Meditation with others.
  • London teaching corporate Meditation.
  • Meditation groups for children, working closely with the amazing organization Therapeutic Hooves.
  • Mediation sessions at large Well -being events and festivals.
  • Meditation training days to Primary School teachers.
  • Meditation ‘one to one’ sessions (there is a 2 month waiting list at the moment).
  • And many Day and Residential Meditation retreats both in the UK and abroad (please see the retreat page for more info).

Our Meditation Classes

Held at my Meditation Space in Ware, SG12 9LH

Every other Tuesday evening 

Exploring varied forms of Meditation including Mindfulness, Mantra, Guided Visualizations, Loving Kindness, Self Compassion and the Healing Vibrations of Sound (Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, the Drum, Tuning Forks and Peace Chimes) and the very powerful form of Effortless Presence – accessible to all levels and suitable for beginners.

A chance to invest in your wellbeing and peace of mind, making friends with each precious moment, coming back to an embodied and loving presence and sinking gently into what nourishes the soul.

A chance to invest in your wellbeing and peace of mind in a private setting. 

Price – £48

​Price – £175 or for a private course £210

This course has been accredited by affinities @ Balens so if you are keen to share meditation with others, friends, groups, circles, as a one to one or combined with your therapies – it is recognised and insurable as a result of attending the training and presenting your certificate to Balens upon completion.

It has also been designed and written for those who wish to further and deepen their practice, to learn more about meditation, adopt different tips and tools, to channel their own meditations and to gain the incentive to commit to a regular practice at home.

  • What is meditation?
  • Some of the significant benefits and studies of meditation
  • The all important brain waves
  • Different forms of meditation
  • Deepening your practice – the sacredness of present moment awareness and self inquiry – ‘who am I really’ ?(practical)
  • How to commit to a regular practice
  • Best crystals for meditation (of course)
  • Mudras and their meanings
  • Open eyed meditation
  • The phenomenal power of meditation within a group
  • How to channel your own meditations
  • Sharing Meditation with others – family or friends, as a one to one, or combined with treatments
  • The most successful ways to facilitate small or even
  • large groups
  • Touching on meditation in offices and then of course the importance of …
  • Meditation for children.

Spiritual Development weekend course (10:30am to 3:30pm both days)

Price – £150

We will explore values, principles and heart teachings from Buddhism, Shamanism, Hinduism and the Deities, The Yama’s from the yogic path and a Japanese healing system.

Including Practical Techniques and Exercises, Meditations, Ceremonies, Drum Journeys, and Mantra. Group discussions as we recognise and integrate the core connecting themes to advance along a spiritual path, and how these relate to our own unique values.

A certificate of attendance will be presented to you upon completion.

My wish is for you to leave on Sunday afternoon experiencing a sense of blissful wholeness from your weekend delving deep into the world of Spiritual practice

  • 15th and 16th July 2023
  • 7th and 8th September 2024

Price – £250

Accessible Meditations to calm the mind and reduce stress with tips and advise on how to Meditate and continue the practice at home.

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