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Our Additional Workshops

Messages and Signs from the Universe (7:30pm to 9:30pm)

Price – £30

Without a doubt the more you open to the signs from the universe, the more you begin to see and connect with the support, guidance and wisdom that is available to you. This workshop explores intuition and ways in which to develop this. Working with different divination techniques plus practical exercises, synchronicities and signs such as repetitive number sequences, interpreting your own unique messages through numerology as well as connecting with your spirit guides and power animals:

  • 16th October 2024

Manifesting from the Heart Workshop (7:30pm to 9:30pm)

Price – £30

This workshop has evolved greatly over the last 10 years since I first began offering the course.

It has a different approach to many of the Laws of Attraction Workshops that are available.

The mind albeit a powerful tool does not hold the loving frequency of our heart space.

Through this workshop we will be tapping into the vibration of our hearts, our heart felt wishes, dreams, goals and visions. 

That which will not only benefit us but those around us and all beings.

‘What we hold in our hearts we can hold in our hands’.

We will be exploring blocks or obstacles and working with a ritual to release all that is preventing us from living our truest expression.

We will embody gratitude which in turn opens our hearts to receive.

Loving ourselves fully, appreciating our goodness and walking a path with heart.

That which you wish to create will unfold during our workshop and it may appear quite differently to what you had previously imagined it to be!

Chakra and Aura Workshop (7:30pm to 9:30pm)

Price – £25

Working with the beautiful healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls and Tibetan singing bowls. We explore each of the important energy centres with the intention to clear, heal and balance. Using visualisations, inner dialogue, affirmations and sound healing to encourage a healthy flow of energy in and around the body.


  • What are they?
  • How to feel energy
  • Expanding the Aura
  • Finding out the different colours within your Aura
  • Seeing Auras with the naked eye
  • How to spot imbalances through dowsing and scanning
  • Aura meditation
  • Ways in which to heal and protect your energy field


  • Exploring the main 7 energy hot spots!
  • Ways in which to balance and heal each Chakra
  • Crystals and the Chakras
  • Affirmations and Meditations
  • Sound healing
  • Drum journey into the Chakra energy
  • Chakra empowerment exercise.

Dates: 12th June 2024

Spiritual Development weekend course (10:30am to 3:30pm both days)

Price – £150

We will explore values, principles and heart teachings from Buddhism, Shamanism, Hinduism and the Deities, The Yama’s from the yogic path and a Japanese healing system.

Including Practical Techniques and Exercises, Meditations, Ceremonies, Drum Journeys, and Mantra. Group discussions as we recognise and integrate the core connecting themes to advance along a spiritual path, and how these relate to our own unique values.

A certificate of attendance will be presented to you upon completion.

My wish is for you to leave on Sunday afternoon experiencing a sense of blissful wholeness from your weekend delving deep into the world of Spiritual practice

  • 15th and 16th July 2023
  • 7th and 8th September 2024
In this workshop Caroline (Rebalance with Reiki) and I will be focusing on:
Your strengths so you can ripple out and help those who need YOU!
Developing a spiritual practice that keeps you aligned with your goals.
The practical issues (and solutions) when setting up and/or growing a business.
Building a community.
Coming together to support and encourage each other, form connections and collaborations.
If you are a female founded holistic business, or if you are thinking of starting one then come along and join us for this workshop, with other likeminded souls who are interested in sharing their gifts and talents out into the world around them.

15th November 2024, 10am to 2pm, £55

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